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guess who's moving back july 15th BITCHES?!?!?!thats reclaiming my throne as king of the mooches and the have a burrito, a cigarette and an ashtray waiting for me or suffer death.
dave ciley

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Hey. So does anyone have any classes with me or recognize the teachers? If so, please comment. I'm gonna be a junior. Does anyone know if there is open lunch? Thanks a bunch <3 And remember, I'm new to CHS :).

1st: Algebra 2- Ogden
2nd: Spanish 3- Feaster
3rd: Chemistry 1- Kistler
4th: Aerobics/Cond.- O'Briant
5th: English 3- Stewart
6th: US History- Isbell

Another year gone by..

Well 2004 is over, yay for the graduating class. If any of ya'll know Steve, or a Steve in general, join my community, about people who know people named Steve. Hehe.. It's called ode_to_steve. Join it, you know you want to ;)
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